Vaping is DIY! Vaping

Vaping started as a DIY project by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. Since his invention of the original e-cigarette, vaping has continued to embrace the spirit of DIY. The vaping community wanted more power so they modified 18650 powered flashlights to give birth to the mechanical mod. When flavor bans started being talked about, vapors simply made their own eliquid. When companies fell behind on coils as vaping device power rose, vapers simply made thier own unique and innovative coils. DIY is at the heart of vaping!

Vapers need the right tools and information when starting out in DIY.

When starting out in DIY eliquid making there are three must visit sites you should dive into before trying your first mix. These are :

E-Liquid Recipes

All The Flavors

DIYorDIE Vaping

When it comes to coil building there is a host of tools you need. Wire, swivels, drills and tool sets are a must! Here's where to find them :

Coil Clout

Swivels at Amazon

Drills at Amazon

Coil Building Tools