Vaping StoriesTestify

Your stories matter! Vaping is not smoking, it's the story of how you took your health back.

I never really wanted to stop smoking. I enjoyed smoking and the effects of nicotine. I often thought smokers were unfairly demonized and restricted for making a perfectly legal personal choice. Then I started waking up with a horrible cough and difficulty breathing. At first I thought it was temporary but after several months I knew it was a negative effect of my smoking. I was of course well aware of the health risks associated with smoking and I still chose to smoke. My cough didn't deter me from smoking but it did make me think about vaping again for the first time in a while. I got my first vape device in 2009 with the Blu Premium Kit. It was a cigalike and not a very good one, but it did spark a facination with vaping. Over the next 6 years I dabbled with vaping devices and kept up with the industry but was still primarily a smoker. In 2015 I walked away from vaping for reasons I'm still not sure about. I didn't follow the industry and I rarely thought about vaping. Smoking was still of course a big part of my life and one I thought I'd die participating in. I always smoked outside because I didn't like the smell of smoke clinging to everything. Then in late 2017 my Crohn's disease flared up on me and the desire to go outside every couple hours was less and less. I remembered vaping and decided to get back into it but only as a way to "smoke" inside. I got a little Smok device and found some Blue Raspberry Lemonade ejuice and started vaping inside when I didn't feel well enough to walk outside. With the introduction of mesh coils the performance and flavor of subohm tanks had gotten a lot better since the last time I used a device. With my interest renewed and I dove back into vaping head first. After about 2 weeks of vaping again I realized I was smoking less and less and after a month cigarettes tasted worse and worse and so I stopped buying them. I haven't had a cigarette since 2018. I quit smoking by accident thanks vaping!