Vaping Saves! About

Vapor technology came to the world in 2003 thanks to Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Growing tired of the limited options and horrible success rates of traditional quit methods, Mr. Hon decided to mix his passion for chemistry with his love of electronics and the E-cigarette was born! Following its release, the e-cigarette ignited a revolution in smoking cessation and gave birth to a very passionate and tight knit community.

My introduction to the vaping community was filled with acceptance and encouragement. I've never known a community quite like ours. We cheer each other on and always seem to be ready to help out. When policy makers and Tobacco Control attack our chosen quit method we band together and push back!

Recently a lot doom and gloom has hovered over the vaping industry, and the community around it, thanks to policies that ignore science and seem tailor-made to benefit cigarette sin taxes and MSA money. Regardless of all this we keep pushing forward and with unbiased science on our side we will eventually win these fights!

Join me on YouTube and social media to see how you can help save vaping and millions of lives that could be lost to smoking related illness and disease. I'll do my best to go over everything I can, from advocacy, product reviews, DIY and calls to action. Vaping really is as phenomonal a product as the most vocal cloud chasers would have you believe. If it wasn't it wouldn't be so worthy of policy makers and tobacco controls ire!